Anthem sets a new direction for a well loved multi-player gaming studio. Known for its long, dense role-playing games, BioWare has now taken a multiplayer action game, promising a changing world that will keep players entertained for hundreds of hours over many years. But the studio's representatives promised that, what BioWare does best which is storytelling - has not been abandoned in this process.


Anthem is a third person shooter, filled with heroes called Freelancers. These soldiers for hire are pilots of Javelins - three-meter armor with a jetpack, lasers and other destruction tools. As a Freelancer, we destroy dozens of alien scorpions or bandits in a few seconds. We can jump from the building, fall 50 feet and fly away using a jetpack, never touching the ground. Anthem is a huge adventure which resembles Star Wars. We can encounter invisible magical forces and vile tyrants who want to command ancient powers. The game features imaginary nouns such as 'Cenotaph', 'Freemark' and 'The Heart of Rage', suggesting an operatic battle on a galactic scale.

Anthem (2019) review

BioWare has already done a lot of hard work. The satisfactory basis of the game was difficult to create, but the studio has succeeded. The game makes us feel like a real science fiction superhero. Great exoskeletons, amazing powers and a stunning landscape can draw attention for a short time, but without the real content which fills the world, Anthem becomes a soulless game. Of course, this game will evolve over time... Destiny has proven that it can be changed even few months after the premiere. 


Let's hope that BioWare will not give up and will try to keep the players at the game.