Many people playing on the PC know the Steam platform very well. Steam was created by the Valve Corporation several years ago. The company originally wanted only to improve the system for multiplayer gaming called WON, which they were the creators of. Eventually, Steam became a platform to which more and more new elements were added. Currently, Steam offers its users a store, a cloud, a community for players and a multiplayer platform.

Steam, as we have mentioned earlier, was created a dozen years ago, about 2002/2003. However, Steam gained real popularity several years later. In 2009/2010, Steam was already a sales platform popular around the whole world. Almost every PC user now has an account on Steam. Currently, even if we buy a box version of the game, it has a code to download the digital version from the platform. Thanks to this, we do not even need a CD / DVD drive in the computer. Currently, it is one of the largest platforms and stores offering digital versions of games, gaming keys, extras and more.

In addition to various keys or add-ons, Steam has also developed surprise-keys in its system, which are called Random Keys. These keys are usually the cheapest in the store or are available in many places for free to pick up. We do not know what we get from the Random Key until the code is entered into the system. We can get a short niche game, as well as bonuses, skins and even full AAA games.

How to get random Steam Keys for free?

Tracking messages and subscribing to news from Steam is the first step to being up to date with all promotions and gifts from the platform. The official profiles of Steam on Facebook or Twitter are also worth subscribing. Thanks to such tracking of news from the world of Steam, we will not miss any news regarding free keys for games or promotions on Random Keys.

It is also worth signing up on a variety of forums and external platforms selling Steam keys. External portals often offer much lower prices for ordinary and Random Keys. Sometimes, some of them can be won in various competitions.

The Gamehag portal is definitely one of the sites offering access to game keys. This portal offers keys for free as part of a loyalty program. All you need to do is to get special points exchangeable for various prizes, including the keys to the full version of games from Steam and Random Keys.