Many players dream about combining their hobby with a form of earning. For some people it seems impossible, others have found a way to live this way. As it turns out, making money on games is not impossible. Small bonuses for playing and small cash payments literally "lie on the ground". Here are some of the most popular methods.

Taking part in tournaments is probably one of the most reliable forms of getting paid by playing games. In many cities, conventions or fans' meetings you can find competitions in FIFA, League of Legends or Call of Duty. Taking part in these types of events, you can not only win interesting gifts but also cash prizes.

Many people have made their breakthrough starting with skirmishes via the Internet or during tournaments. Sometimes it turns out that someone is a really great player with outstanding results in the game. Having really great results, you should look around for opportunities and start your career in e-Sport. Taking part in e-Sport tournaments you can gain not only cash but also fame.

How to make real money playing video games

Creating a group of fans by opening a YouTube or Twitch channel is another interesting form of promotion and a chance to earn money. Opening your channel on the web, you can stream your daily gameplay, advertise achievements, create game guides or instructions on how to pass some levels. The more fans you get the more possibilities you have. Installing buttons for sponsors, patrons and fans willing to donate quickly turns out to be a good move.

The methods mentioned above require us to participate in tournaments or various activities. However, there are ways to make small profits that do not require additional "work". Various portals allowing you to earn rewards in exchange for playing are available at your fingertips. Gamehag is one of those portals. Playing games, completing tasks and missions or even sharing on the forum are rewarded with some special points. After collecting a specific amount of points, you can exchange them for game skins, full game versions or even money.