Making money on games, even in the form of bonuses and giveaways, is an extremely pleasant experience. We can find out that our hobby has many good sides. But what to do to get gifts and freebies for playing games? There are several interesting ways to get a giveaway.

One of the most popular methods of earning by playing is participating in tournaments. There are various types of tournaments and matches organized by sponsors. Some of them can really open the path to a career. However, if we are not interested in a professional career, we can always win gadgets, boxed versions of games or free game codes. Clashes in FIFA, League of Legends or Call of Duty are the most popular.

Sometimes it urns out that someone is a great player in a particular game, and his results leave the competition behind. Then it is worth looking for tournaments at a much higher level or starting a career in e-Sport. Such a career will surely bring hundreds of giveaways and presents.

How to receive giveaways for playing games

Another interesting method to change gaming into a hobby with benefits is to create a group of fans. We can get many gifts in the form of freebies and promotional materials. We can get a group of fans by opening a YouTube or Twitch channel. In this way, we can stream our games or create guides. Creating a blog about games or generally pop culture can also bring similar benefits. Popular streamers and bloggers are often gratified by fans and sponsors with various gifts and promotional materials.

Getting giveaways can, however, be really easy and does not require any additional action, effort or activity. In the internet you can find various portals allowing you to win prizes in exchange for playing.

A platforms created for giveaways is, among others, Gamehag. Playing our everyday games, completing missions and even posting on the forum is rewarded with special points. After collecting a specific amount of points, we can exchange them for various gifts. It is therefore one of the most convenient methods of collecting giveaways for playing games.