In Pagan Online, we fight monsters in a classic RPG style. We murder them with the left mouse button, jump over them with a space, avoid the damage by jumping with the shift and spinning on the spot with the weapon outstretched, to mix them into deadly attack. After each fight, we collect the loot that lies literally everywhere. Then, we change it in the inventory with a short series of clicks.


Missions are very short and serve primarily to collect materials. Instead of wading through the skill trees and adjusting your character's abilities, you are grinding access to new heroes with your own skill dashboard. In this sense, the game reminds Warframe, where you repeatedly launch a mission to get plans and materials that will eventually allow you to create new "frame" with your own skill sets. Like Warframe, you can choose different types of missions, such as killings and survival waves, as well as story missions which usually combine several survival waves where we can encounter the main boss at the end.

Pagan Online review

There are some key elements of progress missing from traditional RPG games. You can finally unlock new skins for your hero but, besides your weapon, your character's appearance does not change when you collect new equipment items. Pagan Online is about building a list of characters which we are able to easily switch between. Although changing armlets with the level is missing here. It is cool to observe how they change for ever larger, silly looking and powerful.


Characters are unlocked by collecting fragments of essence such as rare drops in normal missions and a regular drop in homicide missions. You need 50 pieces of character to unlock them, and that will take a while. If you have already unlocked the character, you can use more debris to unlock new skins and companion. Choose your initial character carefully cause  you will use it for a long time.