League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games on the market. Riot Games Studio stands behind such a great success of this production. The studio has only one game on its account. LoL was created in 2011, but for so many years it has been the leader on the e-sport market. The game works on the free to play model, and you can't buy any upgrades for money, only various skins are available for the characters in the game. Manufacturers place great emphasis on listening to players and correcting mistakes and balancing characters in the updates released every two-weeks.


There are over 140 characters, differing not only in the mechanics but also in their skills, fighting styles or appearance. Each character has its own stories to tell, which, combined into one, tell the story of the world in which the game was set.

The big success of LoL - what stands behind it?

Compared to other games of this type, League of Legends is surprisingly easy. There are no hidden stores here, and no gold is lost when a character dies. Developers value the players' opinion so much, that they often ask on the official forum whether the changes they want to make will appeal or not. For this reason, League of Legends is so popular and eagerly played around the world. Currently people play League of Legends both for entertainment at home and at official e-sports events.


Riot Games puts a lot of funds in e-sport. Every year there are several major tournaments, such as the spring Mid-Season Invitational or the World Championships held at the end of each year, which attract millions of viewers from around the world.